Pick up gold

Pick up gold


On February 3, 2013, Li Baoqi, a sugar alcohol workshop, found 25 yuan in cash on the stairs of the workshop, and then asked many people unclaimed and handed it to the company office.
On February 6, 2013, Han Qiang, a student from Yishui No. 3 Middle School, sent a pennant to pick up the gold. He learned that on the afternoon of February 5, Wang Yalei, a snack food department of the company, found a wallet near the old station. Go to the police station to read the ID number and contact the owner immediately. After knowing the owner's name, immediately contact the owner and return the wallet. The owner is very grateful and sent a pennant to express his gratitude.
"Gathering money without ignorance" is a mirror that reflects the moral standards of a person, a unit, and a place. The behavior of Comrades Li Baoqi and Wang Yalei fully demonstrated the excellent quality and good social ethics of the youth aid workers, which is also the honor of our company. This noble quality is very worthy of our study.

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