MUI-Halal certification

MUI-Halal certification


As the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia has a population of nearly 220 million. About 87% of its residents believe in Islam, making it the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. The Indonesian government stipulates that the food on the market must also be approved by the Indonesian Muslim Conference (MUI), the highest organization of the Islamic religion in Indonesia, and the food that has obtained the "Halal" certification can be eaten. To
On January 6, 1989, a resolution was passed to establish the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Evaluation Agency (MUI). Under the guidance of MUI, the agency is an independent organization that specializes in in-depth research, investigation and review of food, drugs and cosmetics. , And then submit the result to MUI. Responsible for assisting and supporting the compilation and decision of the Allah Council of Indonesia on food, medicine and cosmetics policies, regulations, recommendations and guidelines, to ensure that the food, medicine and cosmetics provided to Muslim consumers comply with Islamic regulations. To
In terms of halal certification, MUI plays its own role, completing tasks and responsibilities through scientific research, auditing and investigation of product factories, and issuing laboratory analysis reports. At the same time, prepare and compile a halal safety system that can be applied and implemented in companies that produce food, drugs and cosmetics, especially companies that sell and export domestically in the country of Indonesia. In addition, MUI also controls the implementation of this system and submits all the data obtained to the MUI Fatwa Committee in the form of an audit report. Based on these reports, the Fatwa Committee will determine the halal/non-halal status of related products. In order to be able to perform halal certification tasks and responsibilities, MUI has more than 60 examiners and experts in various fields and disciplines, such as food technology, industrial technology, chemistry, biochemistry, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, medicine and other related fields. In terms of laboratory analysis, MUI cooperates with the existing laboratory equipment of the IPB (Bogor Agricultural University). To
The MUI certification body with meticulous and rigorous certification procedures has been recognized by more than 40 countries in the world. Moreover, it has gained the trust of more and more people, whether it is consumers or manufacturers. Not only the trust of our domestic people, but also the trust of the international community. Therefore, MUI can perform investigations and audits of multinational companies and become a reference for other similar halal certification organizations in the world.

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