Everyone is responsible for saving energy and reducing consumption

Everyone is responsible for saving energy and reducing consumption


On January 15, 2013, an advanced seminar on energy conservation technology and energy management for key energy-consuming units in Shandong Province opened in Jinan. The main contents of this seminar are: energy conservation situation and my country's sustainable energy development strategy, strengthening energy conservation supervision in accordance with the law, improving enterprise energy conservation management level, and publicizing and implementing energy conservation standards for industrial enterprises.
Through this study, we realize that energy saving and consumption reduction is the long-term development strategy of the enterprise, and establish a kind of energy saving awareness of "cutting costs every bit and increasing efficiency every second", and realize energy-saving benefits with the best management. maximize.
Energy saving and consumption reduction is not an empty slogan. It must start with me, starting with saving a drop of water and saving a kilowatt-hour of electricity. Proceeding from reality, whether in production or life, we must pay attention to energy saving and consumption reduction, starting from everyone, starting from the side, starting from the bit, starting from the effort

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