What kind of biscuits are suitable for children

What kind of biscuits are suitable for children


Biscuits are a common snack that can be used as a snack or as an added diet in daily life. There are hundreds of varieties of biscuits that we can see in supermarkets, making consumers more and more dazzled. How to choose a variety that suits you? Or how to eat is good for the body and can satisfy hunger? What are the different selection requirements for the elderly and children?
If you eat biscuits just to relieve your greed, and occasionally do it, then you only need to choose the type of biscuits according to your taste. However, if your child likes to eat biscuits and often steals them; or it is inconvenient to cook and often needs biscuits as the main food; or think that some biscuits can promote health needs, then you must choose the correct type of biscuits. The size and shape of the biscuits are not important in terms of function. We are more concerned about the composition of the biscuits.
The main ingredients of biscuits are flour, fat and sugar. In order to make the biscuits more crunchy and sweet, you may also add eggs, milk powder, flavors and other substances.
Flour and sugar are easy to control, and the main influencing factor is fat. Different fat content makes different kinds of biscuits, and fat is most likely to affect the health of the body.
Let’s take high-fiber biscuits and soda biscuits as examples. High-fiber biscuits have a lower fat usage of about 4% (per kilogram), while soda biscuits are 9-12%. From the perspective of avoiding high-calorie and high-fat , It is wise to choose high-fiber biscuits. However, because high-fiber biscuits add about 2 to 3% bran (contains a lot of dietary fiber), and the fat content is not high, they will taste rough and taste worse. If it is not just for health considerations, most people Everyone chooses soda biscuits. However, the content of sodium in soda crackers (including sodium in table salt and baking soda) is relatively high, which needs to be controlled for those with unstable blood pressure or renal insufficiency.
Because the taste of cellulose is very poor, in order to improve the taste of cellulose, some people think of increasing the amount of fat in high-fiber biscuits to achieve the effect of shortening. Although this method improves the taste of high-fiber biscuits, it completely loses the health effects of high-fiber biscuits.

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