Qingyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. carries out MUI halal (HALAL) certification

Qingyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. carries out MUI halal (HALAL) certification


In order to expand the international business of youth aid, the company added the halal certification of Indonesia MUI to the existing halal certification and KOSHEER certification.
Only with a correct understanding of halal can we meet halal requirements in all aspects of procurement, production, and sales, so as to ensure the quality of our products and the company's international reputation.
I. Halal and halal food
Halal means permitted and legal. Most of the foods and foods commonly eaten are considered halal, unless otherwise specified in the Quran or Hades. Non-halal refers to prohibited or illegal food, and non-halal food refers to illegal food.
In Islam, halal food not only needs to confirm and observe its cleanliness and sanitation, but also needs to meet the requirements of the Quran and Hades for food ingredients to meet specific requirements. Non-halal food in Islam refers to the food production process or raw materials that do not meet the requirements of the Quran and Hades.
The non-halal raw materials specified in the Qur'an include: carrion (animals that have not been slaughtered or died in accordance with the Islamic slaughter procedures), blood, pork, or other non-halal slaughtered under the name of Hades. Halal raw materials and other raw materials that are prone to controversy.
2. Halal meat and other animal products
It must be a halal animal. Halal animals must be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic regulations and certified by a recognized certification association. If they do not know how they were slaughtered, they must be considered non-halal.
The slaughter of halal meat and other animal products also has its own requirements: the animals to be slaughtered must be halal animals considered in Islamic regulations, the slaughtering process must be carried out by healthy Muslim adults, and they must fully understand Islam’s slaughter of animals. It is stipulated that the animal must be alive before being slaughtered, the animal must be completely slaughtered, using metal materials and a sharp knife, before slaughter must read: Bismillahi Allahu Akbar, must cut its throat, esophagus and trachea when slaughtered, And let the blood drain completely, and the slaughter must be done in one knife.
Three. Pork
Pigs and their additional products (including fat, fatty acids, hair, feathers, bones, enzymes, etc.) are considered non-halal. Any derivative of pork is banned (including the use of additional pig products as media in the processing of 醗硣). All parts from the human body are not halal (for example, cysteine ​​amine extracted from human hair)
Fourth, alcohol
Any product that excites people is classified as alcohol. Any beverage that contains at least 1% ethanol is classified as alcohol. Beverages that are classified as alcohol are non-halal and impure, and are produced by the fermentation process. Beverages with 1% ethanol are not classified as alcohol, but they are not halal when eaten.
V. Halal dedicated workshop
The halal production line must be separated from the non-halal production line. All equipment used for the production of pigs and its additional products cannot be used as a halal production line. The cleaning procedure of the equipment used for pigs or its additional products: wash 7 times with water, and use soil 1 time /Sand or other cleaning media.
The starch and starch sugar products produced by Qingyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. meet the requirements of halal raw materials, production, storage, and transportation. MUI’s halal certification is progressing smoothly. MUI’s halal certification has opened up a broader space for the international sales of youth aid products and opened up a better tomorrow for the development of youth aid!

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