Minutes of on-site office meeting of Youth Aid Group

Minutes of on-site office meeting of Youth Aid Group


In order to accelerate the city’s “1531” key enterprise cultivation plan, implement the spirit of the city’s key enterprise cultivation work conference, and cultivate and expand the size of the county’s key enterprises, on February 24, Xu Zaiming, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and deputy county magistrate, went to the Qing Aid Group to work on site. The development status of the enterprise focuses on helping the enterprise solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of production.
The leaders attending the meeting were: Xu Zaiming, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Deputy County Mayor, Wang Jian, member of the Party Group of the County Government and Secretary of the Bashan Water Management Office; the departments participating in the meeting were: Performance Appraisal Office, Finance Bureau, National Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau, Finance Office, Economic Information Bureau, Housing Construction Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Planning Bureau, Land and Resources Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Food and Drug Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau, Yicheng Sub-district Office, People's Bank of China. The company’s president Xu Houmin, as well as their respective vice presidents and general managers attended the meeting.
At the meeting, Xu Houmin, chairman of the Youth Aid Food Company, reported on the company's operations in 2013, plans for 2014, and 8 difficulties and problems affecting the development of the current enterprise. In response to the difficulties and problems of the company, the relevant departments respectively made statements, communicated on the current difficulties and problems encountered by the company, and proposed solutions.
 Xu Zaiming fully affirmed the company's report and the 2014 tax target, departmental response, and problem-solving attitude. He finally emphasized that the Youth Aid Group must make further efforts in strategy, management, products, capital, etc., especially in the talent strategy and enterprise innovation, to have breakthrough development, and to reposition its production goals in 2014. Live the opportunity of cultivating key enterprises in the whole city, and become bigger and stronger. All departments should establish a sense of overall situation and service, and do a good job of connection and communication in accordance with their attitudes, and speed up the progress of work. The performance appraisal office must timely schedule the progress of difficult and problematic nodes to ensure the steady progress of the work, so that the Qingyuan Food Group can develop better and faster.

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