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MUI-Halal certification

As the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia has a population of nearly 220 million. About 87% of its residents believe in Islam, making it the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. The Indonesian government stipulates that the food on the market must also be approved by the Indonesian Muslim Conference (MUI), the highest organization of the Islamic religion in Indonesia, and the food that has obtained the "Halal" certification can be eaten. To On January 6, 1989, a resolution was passed to establish the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Evaluation Agency (MUI). Under the guidance of MUI, the agency is an independent organization that specializes in in-depth research, investigation and review of food, drugs and cosmetics. , And then submit the result to MUI. Responsible for assisting and supporting the compilation and decision of the Allah Council of Indonesia on food, medicine and cosmetics policies, regulations, recommendations and guidelines, to ensure that the food, medicine and cosmetics provided to Muslim consumers comply with Islamic regulations. To In terms of halal certification, MUI plays its own role, completing tasks and responsibilities through scientific research, auditing and investigation of product factories, and issuing laboratory analysis reports. At the same time, prepare and compile a halal safety system that can be applied and implemented in companies that produce food, drugs and cosmetics, especially companies that sell and export domestically in the country of Indonesia. In addition, MUI also controls the implementation of this system and submits all the data obtained to the MUI Fatwa Committee in the form of an audit report. Based on these reports, the Fatwa Committee will determine the halal/non-halal status of related products. In order to be able to perform halal certification tasks and responsibilities, MUI has more than 60 examiners and experts in various fields and disciplines, such as food technology, industrial technology, chemistry, biochemistry, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, medicine and other related fields. In terms of laboratory analysis, MUI cooperates with the existing laboratory equipment of the IPB (Bogor Agricultural University). To The MUI certification body with meticulous and rigorous certification procedures has been recognized by more than 40 countries in the world. Moreover, it has gained the trust of more and more people, whether it is consumers or manufacturers. Not only the trust of our domestic people, but also the trust of the international community. Therefore, MUI can perform investigations and audits of multinational companies and become a reference for other similar halal certification organizations in the world.
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Convenience food is very popular

Time of issue: : 2013-12--02
In the fast-paced state of life, people are increasingly reluctant to spend more time in the kitchen, which makes the consumption of convenience foods maintain a good growth momentum. However, people have put forward higher and higher requirements for this kind of food, not only for convenient and delicious food, but also for quality and health. Citizens lack confidence in the quality of pastries and convenience foods Recently, a questionnaire survey conducted in 4 communities in Hangzhou showed that people are not at ease about the quality of convenience food. From February 16th to March 20th, the community survey activities of "Food Quality and Safety in My Home" were conducted in Baoqiao Community, Nanyuan Street, Yuhang District, Jiulian New Village Community in Xihu District, Pujia New Village Community in Jianggan District, and Mingzhu Community of Jiande City. Community development. A total of 850 questionnaires were distributed, including 794 valid questionnaires. The survey results show that the three foods with the highest quality and safety recognition in daily consumption by citizens are fruits, vegetables, and soy products; at the same time, citizens still lack confidence in the quality of pastries and convenience foods. Teach you how to pick the right canned food According to this survey, 26% of respondents have encountered canned food quality and safety problems in the past six months, and most citizens have insufficient confidence in the quality and safety of these products. The Hangzhou Quality Supervision Department stated that such worries are actually unnecessary. In fact, many canned foods can be stored for a long time without adding any preservatives after being exhausted, sealed, and sterilized during the production process. So how to choose canned food? Hangzhou Quality Supervision Department reminds consumers: "Three checks" before choosing food. Check the label: The label of canned food should indicate the product name, factory name, factory address, production date, shelf life (or shelf life), net weight, product standard code, ingredient list and other necessary items. Please do not buy canned food that exceeds the expiration date and shelf life. Check the tank: the surface of the tank must be clean, free from damage, cracks, and tightly sealed. The appearance of high-quality cans should be free of rust, deformation, and leakage. In particular, iron cans, citizens must carefully check whether they are collapsing or corroded. This is because a flat tin can easily loosen the sealing part; a severely rust tin part is prone to perforations, and bacteria may enter the can with the air. Check the contents: The color of the contents should be natural, the size of the blocks should be neat, the soup is clear, no peculiar smell, and no foreign matter. Did you notice these details when buying frozen food? Another type of people who consume more frequently is quick-frozen rice and noodles. The purchase of this type of product is also very knowledgeable. Frozen food storage conditions must meet standards Quick-frozen rice and noodles are required to be kept frozen. If the store does not have a freezer or the freezing temperature of the freezer does not meet the stated temperature requirements of the product, the product quality cannot be guaranteed and it is not suitable to buy. When shopping at the store, please take the quick-frozen food at the end. If you do not eat it immediately, put it in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator as soon as possible after returning home, so as not to leave the freezer for too long and affect the quality of the product. Try to avoid choosing products with more ice chips in the bag Choose the package to be well sealed, and the product in the package is free of adhesion, damage and deformation. There should be no or only a small amount of ice in the packaging bag. If there are more ice chips in the bag, it may be caused by the product being thawed and then frozen. Try not to buy food that has been thawed or frozen after thawing. Pay attention to whether the product in the package is of natural color, if there are spots or discoloration, it means that it has deteriorated. Pay attention to the product label In addition to the conventional product name, manufacturer and address, production date and shelf life, net content, ingredient list and other requirements, the label of quick-frozen noodles should also indicate storage conditions, raw (cooked) production, and the words "quick frozen". If it is a filling product, the filling content should also be indicated. The state implements food production license management for quick-frozen noodles, and products with the QS mark should be selected when purchasing.
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What kind of biscuits are suitable for children

Time of issue: : 2013-12--02
Biscuits are a common snack that can be used as a snack or as an added diet in daily life. There are hundreds of varieties of biscuits that we can see in supermarkets, making consumers more and more dazzled. How to choose a variety that suits you? Or how to eat is good for the body and can satisfy hunger? What are the different selection requirements for the elderly and children? If you eat biscuits just to relieve your greed, and occasionally do it, then you only need to choose the type of biscuits according to your taste. However, if your child likes to eat biscuits and often steals them; or it is inconvenient to cook and often needs biscuits as the main food; or think that some biscuits can promote health needs, then you must choose the correct type of biscuits. The size and shape of the biscuits are not important in terms of function. We are more concerned about the composition of the biscuits. The main ingredients of biscuits are flour, fat and sugar. In order to make the biscuits more crunchy and sweet, you may also add eggs, milk powder, flavors and other substances. Flour and sugar are easy to control, and the main influencing factor is fat. Different fat content makes different kinds of biscuits, and fat is most likely to affect the health of the body. Let’s take high-fiber biscuits and soda biscuits as examples. High-fiber biscuits have a lower fat usage of about 4% (per kilogram), while soda biscuits are 9-12%. From the perspective of avoiding high-calorie and high-fat , It is wise to choose high-fiber biscuits. However, because high-fiber biscuits add about 2 to 3% bran (contains a lot of dietary fiber), and the fat content is not high, they will taste rough and taste worse. If it is not just for health considerations, most people Everyone chooses soda biscuits. However, the content of sodium in soda crackers (including sodium in table salt and baking soda) is relatively high, which needs to be controlled for those with unstable blood pressure or renal insufficiency. Because the taste of cellulose is very poor, in order to improve the taste of cellulose, some people think of increasing the amount of fat in high-fiber biscuits to achieve the effect of shortening. Although this method improves the taste of high-fiber biscuits, it completely loses the health effects of high-fiber biscuits.
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