Group Introduction

Group Introduction

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Qingyuan Group estabilished in 1985, covered an area of 1300mu, total assets 1.6 billion yuan;has more than 3000 employees2 doctoral students, 10 postgraduates, more than 300 engineers and technicians. 


Qingyuan Biological Technology Co., Ltd is the leading company of corn deep processing. Specilizing in manufacturing and maketing food and feed additives:

  1. Corn starch
  2. Dextrose monohydrate, edible glucose,glucose powder
  3. maltodextrin,
  4.  maltose syrup, maltose syrup for beer, maltose syrup for non dairy creamer,
  5. liquid glucose/ glucose syrup
  6. corn gluten feed  
  7. corn gluten meal

Qingyuan Foodstuff Co., Ltd is the leading company of China Lifestyle food: 

  1. Biscuits
  2. Instant noodles
  3. Noodles
  4.  Hot chilli sauce

Qingyuan foods awarded ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO180001,HACCP, ; KOSHER, HALAL, and some other international quality certificates.The products have been sold to Middle East,Southeast Asia, Africa, South America etc more than 65 countrise and regions. The trademark of “Qingyuan” has won the title of “China Famous Trademark”.

Qingyuan Food Co., Ltd. 

Hotline: +86-539-2313040 2313116
Consumer hotline: +86-539-2313129 2313118
Fax: +86-539-2218209
E-mail: master@qingyuanfood.com
Address: 39 Yibo Road, Yishui County, Shandong Province,China

Recruit Hotline: +86-539-2313005



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